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  • Info A boiler is a closed vessel in which water or other fluid is heated.
  • Five years later he founded his own company to make boilers and steam engines.
  • Today metal milk boilers are used, but production methods have changed little since ancient times.
  • It also features the band performing the song in a boiler room.
  • This makes it easy for boiler rooms to use this to their advantage.
  • With a high-pressure boiler the results are even more dangerous because of the greater release of energy.
  • Each pair of boiler rooms formed a unit with a pair of engine rooms.
  • Her engines were worn out and she had almost no coal left for her boilers.
  • Cost meant the rest were converted only as their boilers wore out.
  • The boiler was thrown over the level crossing and ended up on the down platform.
  • The ship, however, could still make with her remaining boilers.
  • The most common type has tanks mounted either side of the boiler.
  • Only one of the two engine rooms and one boiler room were flooded.
  • Boilers in some power stations use processed natural gas as their main fuel.
  • In that case steam from oil-fired boilers is used to heat the sea water.
  • Only a few details exist about the design of the boiler.
  • The boilers made direct contact and the impact caused an explosion heard up to five miles away.
  • A number of people also managed to hide in the boiler room.
  • More than half of the small hull was occupied by the boilers and the engine room.
  • There were nine boilers in the A station and six in the B station.
  • He kept his old job in the boiler room of an apartment building, a fact that surprised many people.
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  • noun Sealed vessel where water is converted to steam