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  • In addition, some minor bodywork damage can still be seen, acquired during racing.
  • His car completed the race wearing green forward bodywork and a red tail.
  • The remaining stock (with or without bodywork) was sold out over a few years.
  • The two versions look very similar, but there are significant differences under the bodywork.
  • At the same time, a full five-door hatchback bodywork also became available.
  • All ten original coach frames are still in service, although their bodywork has been rebuilt several times over.
  • The open bodywork had a single bench seat that was claimed to be wide enough for three people.
  • For the entire production run, the bodywork featured a lower-body accent color.
  • The car received all-new bodywork, albeit still rather similar looking.
  • These could be ordered with a wide variety of bodywork.
  • All the other differences between the models are in the riding position and bodywork.
  • The team subsequently improved the engine and the bodywork of the car.
  • The car had single seat bodywork and was very narrow.
  • The rear-mounted engine required new rear bodywork to fit inside, which forced a complete change to front body to match.
  • It features increased engine power, revised bodywork and lower suspension than the standard model.
  • The bodywork has however been retained for future use.
  • The purpose is to reduce the overall height of the bodywork of the car.
  • Post-war examples were supplied to Denmark who provided their own bodywork.
  • He began doing bodywork with no training and later worked under a variety of practitioner licenses.
  • These include a center rear head rest, a central three-point seatbelt and an additional four bodywork colours.
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Meaning of bodywork

  • noun The exterior body of a motor vehicle
  • noun The work of making or repairing vehicle bodies