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  • During the first shows of the first North American leg, she wore a gold metal bodysuit.
  • Without his bodysuit, Eel had light blue skin and dark blue hair.
  • She donned a bodysuit similar to the one featured in the video, but in white.
  • Sunmi wears a white bodysuit that changes into black, and she gives a fierce look to match.
  • It served as the second song of the set and it featured the singer dressed in a jeweled bodysuit.
  • He has a full bodysuit equipped with a mask and an arm cannon that can fire electricity.
  • Both pieces were worn on top of a figure-flaunting grey bodysuit.
  • He appears as a chalk-white man with wild green hair, a green bodysuit, and a ragged cape.
  • She is seen wearing a bodysuit and doing a routine with black chairs.
  • Once again, the scene goes back to the dark room, but this time Aaliyah is standing up and performing in a white bodysuit.
  • Unlike a leotard, a bodysuit is not usually considered a form of athletic wear.
  • Throughout the entire performance, she was dressed in a jeweled bodysuit.
  • Murad was also reported, at the time, to have been working on a bodysuit and several short frocks.
  • He usually wears a black bodysuit, along with a balaclava and visor to cover his face.
  • She further praised the fact that the lights illuminated her bodysuit being "nothing short of mesmerizing".
  • In one episode, she demonstrated the use of one of these - a bodysuit that featured cloaking technology, which enabled her to attack with complete surprise.
  • She performed the song dressed in a bodysuit and was backed by a clip.
  • He was once forced to wear a copper alloy bodysuit to prevent his body from decaying on exposure to air.
  • She was dressed in a skin-tight blue bodysuit and black stockings, surrounded by a dozen back-up dancers.
  • It features a green-bodysuit Jubilee (code-named Vertigo) from about fifteen years into the future.
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