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  • The bodyside is white with a small light-green line which runs from the front along the top of the windows.
  • It was painted white with five gold stripes along the bottom half of its bodyside.
  • These cars were white with a dual-color red/blue pinstripe along the upper bodyside.
  • A later version added a red stripe along the lower edge of the locomotive bodyside.
  • Super script appeared on front fenders just above the full length lower bodyside moldings.
  • The sets were subsequently painted in light grey with a yellow bodyside stripe.
  • Nor were bodyside mouldings removed, as with the rest of the Focus range.
  • These sets were painted white with a blue bodyside stripe.
  • Bodyside power doors are electrically operated, a move away from the air powered systems of previous generation EMUs.
  • The new trains will have a modified livery, with purple and light green bodyside stripes.
  • A livery, similar to ScotRail but with the upper dark grey bodyside replaced with a dark blue, was created.
  • The main body colour is white with crimson roof and "arrow silver" bodyside stripe.
  • Both locomotives were painted in RTC's red/cream livery with a black bodyside band.
  • They were painted black with an orange stripe along the middle of the bodyside, which turned into a 'V' at the nose end.
  • The beading on the lower bodyside was discontinued on the second-batch units, giving flush body sides.
  • Originally delivered with unpainted stainless steel front ends, the blue bodyside bands were extended to the front ends from 1988.
  • It was painted in a livery of yellow ochre with a broad chocolate-brown band around the lower bodyside separated by a thin white line running around the body.
  • The bodyside arches were extended and became more rounded.
  • The locomotives were soon repainted into a new livery of black with a broad maroon mid-bodyside stripe.
  • The colour is also used for bodyside lining.
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