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  • It also featured sports bodykit and widened front seats in the interior.
  • Thus it needed a bodykit that would produce large amounts of downforce as well as being low drag.
  • The YRX model features an all round bodykit and only comes with an automatic transmission.
  • This was the last year of the old style B4U bodykit.
  • There are several designs of full bodykit and sections available for the Sera.
  • The Series II was fitted with a subtle bodykit and slightly different interior trim.
  • In order to be an official C8, the engine and bodykit had to be installed.
  • The improvements due to this included a more flamboyant, unique bodykit and exclusive HSV interior features.
  • The photos also revealed a subtle bodykit on one of the Iriz units.
  • This car was highly modified and lightened it had more power than the standard V8 and a lightweight racing bodykit.
  • In addition, all the sports models featured a unique bodykit to the other models, commonly known as the "VT" bodykit.
  • VeilSide produces a bodykit called "Fortune" which replaces all body panels except the roof.
  • The bodykit is optional on the other J, E and G variants.
  • Non-bodykit models came with a simpler plastic front splitter.
  • Sporty Super S included a factory bodykit, racing seats and a tachometer and was only available in black, gray, white and red.
  • It adds, a new grille, LED running lights, a bodykit as well as some improvements to the interior material and trim.
  • It featured a revised front grille, headlamps, front and rear bumper, bodykit, and LED tail lamps.
  • The bodykit is from the Sportivo viarants and the model has unique badging.
  • After the 2001 update, all cars were given clear indicator lenses, with the Sporting model getting a restyled bodykit.
  • As with other TechArt products, the Magnum has added features such as a bodykit, interior refitment, and engine and suspension upgrades.
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