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  • He decided to leave them there, as he believed they would make perfect bodyguards.
  • In the second season, they seemed to serve more as bodyguards than anything else.
  • He went out with his bodyguards after a game of cards and never came back.
  • One of them did and she ordered her "bodyguard" to take her out.
  • The day would begin with a meeting of the bodyguard team led by the team leader.
  • He also maintained the house next door as a residence for his bodyguard.
  • He was later asked how he dared to go out in public without bodyguards.
  • He would often go out without any bodyguard protection and the night of his murder was one such occasion.
  • He often stood on the corner surrounded by his bodyguards and did business on the street.
  • He is usually surrounded by his bodyguards, with only his hand shown.
  • They meant to kill him, yet he stopped his bodyguards from acting.
  • The few males allowed around her are the service staff and her bodyguards.
  • A second attempt was made on his life in the hospital, so his family came to act as bodyguards.
  • They were followed in a van by two bodyguards assigned to protect them.
  • The explosion killed three other people, including his two bodyguards, and wounded six more people.
  • When the other bodyguard attempted to reach for a gun, Park shot them both to death.
  • She agreed to give him information only if he beat her bodyguard in a game of arm wrestling.
  • Some white drivers became his close friends and also occasionally acted as his bodyguards.
  • He has only appeared once, to run the bodyguard competition.
  • Originally, the term was probably applied to both private and imperial bodyguards.
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Meaning of bodyguard

  • noun Someone who escorts and protects a prominent person
  • noun A group of men who escort and protect some important person