body was exhumed

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  • The only pictures are those that were taken immediately after the body was exhumed.
  • However, shortly before the hearing and a year after the incident itself, the bodies were exhumed.
  • Three years later his body was exhumed and gibbeted by order of the states.
  • Later, his body was exhumed, along with his wife's.
  • When the body was exhumed, there was no evidence that an autopsy had even been performed.
  • As a warning to others, his body was exhumed and his head exhibited outside Parliament.
  • It was found that she had been poisoned, as had the other two women, whose bodies were exhumed.
  • The dead body was exhumed to do so.
  • The bodies were exhumed in the mid-1970s and it was determined that they had both been murdered.
  • His body was exhumed from a mass grave and identified.
  • Three years later her body was exhumed and was found incorrupt, whole and flexible.
  • His body was exhumed, but of course no trace of poison was to be found. Cited from Three French Moralists and The Gallantry of France, by Edmund Gosse
  • After the war their bodies were exhumed and repatriated to the United States.
  • The facts of her death only came to light many years later, when her elder son had the matter investigated and her body was exhumed.
  • Her husband's body was exhumed from Westminster Abbey and buried beside her.
  • His preserved body was exhumed in 1984, to try to determine the cause of death.
  • Several years later her body was exhumed and reburied at San Francisco National Cemetery.
  • The body was exhumed, and Kennedy set about his examination of what secrets it might hide. Cited from The Dream Doctor, by Arthur B. Reeve
  • In September 1995, her body was exhumed and relocated a little further east and north of the original location.
  • The body was exhumed in 1991 and buried next to her brother, Edward, who had also died in the fire.
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