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  • He holds her down bodily as he changes to his wolf-man state.
  • John has produced a series of bodily movements which result in the production of a certain sound.
  • Bodily objects moved from the outside have no soul, while those that move from within have a soul.
  • Therefore, he also has the ability to alter his own bodily appearance via the same method.
  • It also describes bodily changes that accompany death and the after-death period.
  • Both views agree that she was taken up into heaven bodily.
  • First, it has been noted that word meaning is an extension of our bodily and cultural experiences.
  • You will not have any bodily relations with him.
  • She associated reading and writing with bodily pleasure and remained a voracious reader throughout her life.
  • There is usually no pain or other bodily symptoms, unless the disease is severe.
  • In addition to these fabricated materials, the artist's own bodily products and features became art.
  • Then, too, he is more self controlled than any man I know with regard to bodily pleasures.
  • However, this raises the question of whether the young man actually continues to live bodily or if only his memory remains.
  • This causes him great grief, as well as suffering bodily harm as each attempt goes wrong.
  • All of these men are dressed the same, have the same bodily features and are all floating/falling.
  • As a result, bodily attacks mean little to him.
  • Dead Girl, who can come back from bodily destruction, hums it on purpose.
  • He appeared to lose at once all courage and all bodily and mental vigour.
  • Though by bodily constitution he was liable to irritation, yet he held no ill will.
  • His bodily health, however, did suffer in old age.
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Meaning of bodily

  • adjective Of or relating to or belonging to the body
    a bodily organ, bodily functions
  • adverb In bodily form
    he was translated bodily to heaven