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  • Yea, yea; Boatswaine, call up the men to prayer and breakfast [We may suppose the dawn has broken]. Cited from On the Spanish Main, by John Masefield
  • To arme the maine top tho the boatswaine goeth eke, His mate to the foretop also makes hast to do the like. Cited from Principal Navigations, V5, by Richard Hakluyt
  • Enter Ariell, with the Master and Boatswaine amazedly following. Cited from The Complete Shakespeare's First Folio
  • The outcome was that "our Master took occasion to revive old matters, and to displace Robert Juet from being his mate, and the boatswaine from his place, for the words spoken in the first great bay of ice." Cited from Henry Hudson, by Thomas A. Janvier
  • "The Watch made hast and for the present stopped the disorder, but in his rage and distemper the boatswaine fell a-swearinge Wounds and Hart as if he were not only angry with men but would provoke the high and blessed God." Cited from Sabbath in Puritan New England, Alice Morse Earle
  • And because our ships be freighted by the great, it shalbe very needful that you do appoynt certaine to see the romaging of the ships, and to giue the master or Boatswaine, or him that will take vpon him to romage, a good reward for his labour to see the goods well romaged. Cited from Principal Navigations, V3, by Richard Hakluyt