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  • These areas also generally lack the boardwalks and other safety features of the developed areas.
  • It is also one of the most well-known boardwalks in the world.
  • After winning that competition, the band signed an album deal with Boardwalk Records.
  • There are only a few areas that standing water is visible from the boardwalk.
  • He runs his shop on the Boardwalk and is always working in it.
  • Elaine ends up under the boardwalk where she has sex with her date.
  • The Boardwalk has a large sea shell stage where concerts are held several times a year.
  • The boardwalk has since been rebuilt back to its original length and still attracts many people.
  • The song was used in the eight episode of the fourth season of the television series Boardwalk Empire.
  • He then throws the gun into the ocean and continues walking down the boardwalk outside.
  • A long boardwalk was built above the average water level, slightly overhanging the river.
  • In other scenes, the three ladies sit in front of a fire or they walk around the boardwalk.
  • The boardwalk faces north-northwest to northeast for much of its length.
  • When he sold the Boardwalk, he still retained a gift shop in the hotel.
  • To continue on the trail follow the path to the south and cross the wooden boardwalk.
  • The boardwalk is the main shopping district and entertainment area of the town.
  • She ends up under the boardwalk, where Rick finds her, and the two talk.
  • Even during the boardwalk's construction, the national media showed interest in the boardwalk.
  • After parking, beach users can also walk along a wooden boardwalk over a mile in length.
  • The boardwalk has a wide step on one side.
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Meaning of boardwalk

  • noun A walkway made of wooden boards; usually at seaside