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  • He was always blushing when any body spoke a pretty thing about him. Cited from Now or Never, by Oliver Optic
  • When she saw he was looking at her, she blushed and closed her eyes.
  • The boy blushed as he looked down into the fire and did not answer. Cited from In the Days of Poor Richard, by Irving Bacheller
  • I blush that it should be necessary to speak upon the subject at all. Cited from The Prose Works of William Wordsworth, by William Wordsworth
  • She blushed as she spoke for the first time her new-worn name. Cited from The Entailed Hat, by George Alfred Townsend
  • And some blushing girl would come forward and go through the step alone before all the rest. Cited from The Sport of the Gods, by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • Then, finding he still held the little hand, he blushed and let it go. Cited from The Argosy, Vol. 51, No. 6, June 1891, ed. by Charles W. Wood
  • Do you not blush to put such questions to a young girl? Cited from The Priest, The Woman And The Confessional, by Father Chiniquy
  • I blushed to think of the poor opinion he would have of the place now. Cited from The Light in the Clearing, by Irving Bacheller
  • She blushed to the roots of her hair because he too knew her secret. Cited from The Magician, by Somerset Maugham
  • Such faith as this will put to the blush many who are members of the church. Cited from Our American Holidays: Lincoln's Birthday, by Various
  • She understood me but too well, and blushed, on my account rather than her own. Cited from Raphael, by Alphonse de Lamartine
  • You love our dear country, or I would blush to own you as my son. Cited from The Boy Patriot, by Edward Sylvester Ellis
  • The girl still kept her eyes on the ground, and still blushed. Cited from The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him, by Ford
  • He actually could have been said to blush, then, like a boy. Cited from Gigolo, by Edna Ferber
  • Always he blushed hot to think things he had been feeling. Cited from Three Lives, by Gertrude Stein
  • We must pardon his pretty wife if she sometimes blushed to own him. Cited from Twice Told Tales, by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • She started from her chair, and blushed deeply as she moved towards me. Cited from Jacob Faithful, by Captain Frederick Marryat
  • I felt myself blushing, but I did not turn my eyes away. Cited from Marie Claire, by Marguerite Audoux
  • After that she blushed that he had ever held any other. Cited from A Daughter of To-Day, by Sara Jeannette Duncan (AKA Mrs. Everard Cotes)
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Meaning of blush

  • noun Sudden reddening of the face (as from embarrassment or guilt or shame or modesty)
  • verb Turn red, as if in embarrassment or shame
    The girl blushed when a young man whistled as she walked by
  • verb Become rosy or reddish
    her cheeks blushed in the cold winter air