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  • If you make her happy enough, she will give you some of her own special blueprints.
  • The company restored it using original blueprints for use as a private company museum.
  • They wanted information about equipment, blueprints, and rules so they could play this game in their country.
  • There are blueprints for a local sports centre to also be built in the near future.
  • Polk died before the blueprints could be completed but his office finished them.
  • Neither of us has ever seen this man before and we found him copying information from these blueprints. Cited from Sabotage in Space, by Carey Rockwell
  • The stadium was re-constructed in a very short period of time, as the original blueprints were kept.
  • Police officers can access security cameras, blueprints, criminal records and other necessary information.
  • He just needed about ten years and some start-up financing; the blueprints were already written up.
  • It is possible that he had blueprints drawn up in England, since work began within six months of his return.
  • Many of these plans are available for purchase as construction blueprints from the company's website.
  • It helped architectures very much so they don't need to draw blueprints.
  • While there, he must collect all possible blueprints, and return later to gain further access to certain areas.
  • For example, the case might begin with blueprints being stolen for a museum.
  • These blueprints naturally remained without immediate impact among the men of power to whom they were addressed.
  • Once being nice to her enough, she will give you her own set of spooky blueprints.
  • The project was cancelled with only the blueprints developed, and no units were ever built.
  • Soon thereafter, he drew up blueprints for his machine and set his product into automated production.
  • Kettering's blueprints and research led him to believe that his idea was possible.
  • But before the test I shall send my blueprints to Washington. Cited from Tom Swift And His Electric Locomotive, by Appleton
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Root form of blueprints is blueprint for both verb and noun.

Meaning of blueprints

  • noun Something intended as a guide for making something else
    a blueprint for a house, a pattern for a skirt
  • noun Photographic print of plans or technical drawings etc.
  • verb Make a blueprint of