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  • Info BluePrintReview is an online magazine that publishes short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction and visual art.
  • One key element to BluePrintReview is that there are no given themes.
  • Since the first issue went live, BluePrintReview has featured the work of more than 120 authors and artists from over 25 countries.
  • Since the beginning, the concept of BluePrintReview is to explore unexpected connections between texts and images from unrelated places.
  • From that discussion, the idea emerged to dedicate a whole blueprintreview issue to reprints, to explore the layout effect further.
  • Stories first published in BluePrintReview have been included in the anthology by, and in the Best of the Web anthology from Dzanc Books.
  • Like most literary journals, BluePrintReview focuses on previously unpublished texts and images, yet includes the guideline note "reprints are fine, but please make sure to indicate this in the submission."
  • To be able to provide an original layout for orphaned magazines, too, and with it, a means to compare the texts in two different frames, the blueprintreview editor tried to trace the original layouts of the previously-online-magazines that first published those orphaned works.