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  • While many people confuse blueprinting with high-performance engine building or tuning, these are in fact different goals.
  • A software blueprint is the final product of a software blueprinting process.
  • While there, he acted as an office boy, drawing plans, making measured drawings and doing the blueprinting, allowing his early interests in architecture.
  • Nevertheless, Ford recommended blueprinting the engines before use in racing applications.
  • Ideally, blueprinting is performed on components removed from the production line before normal balancing and finishing.
  • Serious efforts at blueprinting result in better-than-factory tolerances, possibly with custom specifications appropriate for the application.
  • The next phase is often referred to as the sizing and blueprinting phase and forms the main chunk of the implementation process.
  • Chris Perrotta would be responsible for mechanical engineering, blueprinting, and other fine detail work for all the brands of the corporation.
  • First developed in 1725, blueprinting uses a wet process to produce an image of white lines on a cyan or Prussian blue ground.
  • Crown Reproductions was a major Manhattan, New York City blueprinting firm from the 1970s through the late 1990s.
  • The term blueprinting, borrowed from high performance engine builders, is also often applied to the process of manufacturing or altering parts to a tighter tolerance than stock parts.
  • He helped pioneer the concept of Financial "Blueprinting" for asset allocation for clients and suggested financial tax planning solutions.
  • For nearly his entire career he was a salesman and inspector for the Keystone Blue Paper Co., a leader in the development of the process of blueprinting.
  • Crown Reproductions was based out of three Manhattan branches; this made it one of the largest privately owned blueprinting firms in New York City.
  • Crown also shared its President with the Manhattan Blueprinters' Association in the 1990s, making Crown one of the world's most influential blueprinting companies.
  • Eli Lilly, grandson of the company founder, introduced a method for blueprinting manufacturing tickets in 1909.
  • Because few have the capability to actually blueprint, and because of the monetary incentive of claiming one has performed the work, many people have come to believe blueprinting only means that all the specifications are double-checked.
  • This balancing and blueprinting process significantly reduced parasitic loss of power due to inertial imbalance, resulting in a more powerful, free-revving powerplant with excellent throttle response.
  • Software blueprinting relies on realizing a clean separation between logically orthogonal aspects to facilitate the localization of related logic and use of optimal description media described above.
  • Just like in previous Ferrari Challenge cars the engine has largely remained the same as on the production road cars except for some enhanced breathing by means of a racing exhaust system and some engine management tweaks and fine blueprinting.
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Root form of blueprinting is blueprint for the verb.

Meaning of blueprinting

  • verb Make a blueprint of