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  • In April 2001, alternate route systems were blueprinted to make an all-winter road.
  • Hank, get these plans blueprinted and assign an electronics group to the project. Cited from Tom Swift and The Visitor from Planet X, by Victor Appleton
  • If finished components are blueprinted, there is the risk that the further removal of material will weaken the component.
  • So far, twelve of the fifty machines have been designed, blueprinted, and prototyped, with four of those reaching the documentation stage.
  • He also noted that the V8 was a regular road car engine (with minimal modifications) and not a blueprinted race engine.
  • To align a specific company with dynamic enterprise modeling, the organizational structure is blueprinted top-down from high-level business processes to low-level processes.
  • In the development phase, instructional designers and developers create and assemble content assets blueprinted in the design phase.
  • A battle squadron pursues the two Jedi; it is headed by a weapons designer that has already blueprinted the Death Star.
  • Presumably it was not thought out and blueprinted in advance but worked out by trial and error, episode by episode, step by step -- perhaps, also, leap by leap. Cited from Civilization and Beyond, by Scott Nearing
  • Standard equipment in the Lincoln line, the engines selected for the Mark II were effectively factory blueprinted, assembled from the closest-to-specifications parts available.
  • Blueprinted components allow for a more exact balancing of reciprocating parts and rotating assemblies so that less power is lost through excessive engine vibrations and other mechanical inefficiencies.
  • These models were upgraded from the standard WRX in many categories, including blueprinted performance-tuned engines, transmissions, and suspensions.
  • A second engine dyno test conducted on a second production line stock (but recently rebuilt and partially blueprinted) ZL1 revealed nearly identical figures for the various "gross" conditions.
  • George blueprinted the IRL as a lower-cost open-wheel alternative to CART, which had become technology-driven and dominated by a few wealthy multi-car teams, much like Formula One.
  • Factory redline is 8000 rpm and balanced/blueprinted versions of the engine can easily reach 9000 rpm with little to no reliability issues.
  • This was down to a blueprinted engine with remapped ignition and DME chip set with aggressive timing advance characteristics.
  • These engines were ordered in the United States, but were completely taken apart and blueprinted before they were put in; as they did with the Iso Rivolta GT.
  • From these connections, Rickey blueprinted and revolutionized a farm system -- an assembly line of young talent in the minor leagues which allowed the Cardinals to develop without risk of interference or losing them to other major league clubs.
  • When Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial was blueprinted, it was modelled by a college student of Nagercoil, kerala.
  • Always perfectly blueprinted heists, Parker's plans tend to go awry in the execution, sometimes due to bad luck but more often due to greed or incompetence on the part of Parker's less-experienced partners.
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Root form of blueprinted is blueprint for the verb.

Meaning of blueprinted

  • verb Make a blueprint of