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  • Alkalinity is a factor that most often dictates the amount of boiler blowdown.
  • Although uncommon, hurricane-force winds may develop and cause massive destruction such as the Routt Divide Blowdown.
  • These energy economies are seldom practical with infrequent bottom blowdown.
  • Discharge of draw-off (or blowdown) is used principally to control the buildup of these minerals.
  • With a high enough initial pressure, supersonic flow can be maintained through the constant area duct, similar to the desired performance of a blowdown-type supersonic wind tunnel.
  • Cycles of concentration are typically increased which reduces blowdown water.
  • Using a combination of exclusive footage, high-concept visual effects and process-driven computer models, Blowdown explains the complex science behind CDI's mission.
  • The company followed in 2011 with the commercialization of its blowdown boiler technology to improve the efficiency of water use at its oil sands operations.
  • Dissolved oxygen is desirable in blowdown or OTC water being returned to natural aquatic environments.
  • However, bottled water will be provided to residents of Godley and to residents within 1500 feet of the leaking blowdown line.
  • The storm and the subsequent logging to clear the blowdown caused severe damage to the site, damaging several of the rock ovens and disturbing the building sites.
  • The eastern third passes through parts of the blowdown that have been burned by the Ham Lake and Cavity Lake wildfires.
  • The CPS will be used for Earth escape and then it will be pyrotechnically isolated and function in blowdown mode for the cruise.
  • Purified water systems still require blowdown to remove accumulation of byproducts of chemical treatment to prevent corrosion and biofouling.
  • Most of the remainder of Pine Ridge was destroyed in the blowdown of 1995.
  • One valve serves as the sealing valve, and the other as the blowdown valve.
  • Non-oxidizing biocides may be more difficult to detoxify prior to release of blowdown or OTC water to natural aquatic environments.
  • Blowdown may also contain chromium leached from cooling towers constructed of wood preserved with chromated copper arsenate.
  • Modern open cooling systems continuously waste a fraction of recirculating water as blowdown to remove dissolved solids at concentrations low enough to prevent scale formation.
  • Bottom blowdown piping must be of a diameter large enough to minimize the risk of being plugged with baked sludge.
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