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  • She was forced to blowdown her boiler and as a result, lost power.
  • Once it passes through analysis, the water is discharged down the blowdown line into the river.
  • Surface blowdown offers the additional advantage of steady-state operating conditions.
  • All water lost through evaporation or blowdown is replaced with water from the river, located five miles from the plant.
  • Similar blowdown connections at the bottom of water wall headers are blown down less frequently.
  • Several short blowdown events remove sludge more effectively than a single continuous blowdown.
  • Shorter blowdown events cause less significant changes in boiler water level, and are safer during periods of high steam demand.
  • Blowdown turbines became relatively common features in the late- and post-war era, especially for engines designed for long overwater flights.
  • The wind cut great mile-long sections of complete blowdown in the woods near Plymouth and elsewhere in eastern Massachusetts.
  • Bottom blowdown valves are often rebuilt or replaced whenever the boiler is taken out of service for maintenance.
  • Two bottom blowdown valves are often used in series to minimize erosion.
  • Some open systems use inexpensive tap water, but this requires higher blowdown rates than deionized or distilled water.
  • Operation Blowdown was a military operation that took place on 18 July 1963.
  • The blowdown is usually stated as a percentage of set pressure and refers to how much the pressure needs to drop before the valve reseats.
  • Extremely difficult traveling conditions remain, where crisscrossing blowdown exists, with bushes, small trees and witch-hobble grown up through.
  • Blowdown was extensive in both the bog and non-bog areas.
  • Without blowdown, impurities would reach saturation levels and begin to precipitate within the boiler.
  • Surface blowdown is normally fed to a flash tank and heat exchanger for heat recovery.
  • Solubility of these complex ions may reduce blowdown requirements if anionic carboxylate polymers are added to control scale formation.
  • There are two types of surface blowdown fittings.
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