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  • He described the bloody body of his baby brother being left on the side of the road.
  • Alexander followed close behind and captured the strategic hill-fort after four bloody days.
  • They should also steel themselves to be bold and ever so slightly bloody.
  • The couple engaged in a bloody fight during their ride to the hotel.
  • Shortly after learning their summer together is being cut short, they briefly fight and each is bloodied.
  • When play was eventually stopped the player left the field with a bloodied nose.
  • This range would make the battle one of the bloodiest in recorded North American history.
  • Special effects are very good and the game doesn't lose its bloody touch.
  • Had his face been raised, we should have seen it bloodied, and the blood was not his own. Cited from In the South Seas, by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • It was the bloodiest single-day of battle in the entire war.
  • Second, a bloody child tells him that no one born of a woman shall be able to harm him.
  • The contest was one of the bloodiest ever known within the walls of the city. Cited from Aurelian, by William Ware
  • As these lines are being written, the greatest, the bloodiest war of history is in progress. Cited from The Science of Human Nature, by William Henry Pyle
  • This battle was one of the bloodiest of which have left us with the memory of history.
  • It was the bloodiest battle of modern times in any war. Cited from "Co. Aytch", by Sam R. Watkins
  • The war lasted ten years and was as bloody as the first.
  • The war took a turn for the bloodiest, and the king was wounded.
  • This was the bloodiest battle of the war, and has been called the war's turning point.
  • It was the greatest and bloodiest struggle of all time, up to that period. Cited from The Boy Allies At Verdun, by Clair W. Hayes
  • At the end of the day these people are going to be bloodied because what I am saying is true.
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Meaning of bloody

  • verb Cover with blood
    bloody your hands
  • adjective Having or covered with or accompanied by blood
    a bloody nose, your scarf is all bloody, the effects will be violent and probably bloody, a bloody fight
  • adverb Extremely
    you are bloody right, Why are you so all-fired aggressive?