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  • Apart from his music career, Good has also been a writer and blogger.
  • This is the first such legal case against bloggers in the country.
  • She is also a regular blogger on women's rights, religion and politics.
  • With the release of the new single, for the first time the band received attention from national music bloggers.
  • Many of these bloggers appeared on the show as experts on their particular team.
  • The main characters all began writing (using Blogger) to speak to their audience.
  • She is also a blogger and writer who writes about the British education system.
  • Friends and families of the bloggers were allowed to attend today's trial.
  • This even lead to some bloggers being arrested by the police.
  • However, some bloggers reported the single was out of stock when they checked the store.
  • Several bloggers live in the county and frequently post observations about the community and its rural setting.
  • He marketed the book heavily through bloggers with whom he created personal relationships.
  • The growing articles by bloggers who come to the island has renewed interests to the island.
  • He wrote a blog named, making him one of the world's oldest bloggers.
  • One hundred and fifty bloggers were invited from across the world.
  • He is a prominent technology blogger and a frequent speaker at industry events.
  • The incident gained attention amongst many bloggers, due to possible involvement of moral police in her death.
  • There have been many notable examples of bloggers breaking news stories and then having the media pick it up.
  • Initially, Blogger was completely free of charge and there was no revenue model.
  • The name caught on with bloggers, and became quite popular.
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Meaning of blogger

  • noun A person who keeps and updates a blog