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  • The blockage was removed after little more than a week once the crisis had passed.
  • Other action was planned in other universities, but did not lead to blockages.
  • The blockage results in the lake, which can cover over acres in the winter months.
  • The company did a lot of test before releasing the network, they also had a few blockages.
  • They were able to clear a blockage of ice but it delayed them for an hour.
  • It took them three weeks to dig a road three miles long through the blockage of materials in their path.
  • The plan presented several issues risking to cause blockage in policy-making.
  • It has been mentioned that the other primary cause of overflow is due to blockages.
  • AGE can present in similar ways to arterial blockages seen in other medical situations.
  • The cave may continue for several kilometres beyond the other side of the blockage.
  • An ice dam occurs when water builds up behind a blockage of ice.
  • The blockage had been found during an annual medical examination.
  • Some structure which is not local will also cause these items and more including blockage and 're-radiation'.
  • Flooding was also a major cause of storm damage while multiple landslides caused road blockages.
  • An ice blockage on a river is more often called an ice jam but sometimes an ice dam.
  • This last technique is particularly good to get the water past a blockage of intestinal gas. Cited from How and When to Be Your Own Doctor,Moser & Solomon
  • These stones cause pain with passage and blockage and have been known to recur.
  • Soon after, the organization chose to stop the blockages.
  • Battery death and fuel blockage are thus dependent, conditional on their common effect car starting.
  • One example is a situation where the cancer tumor is causing a blockage.
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Meaning of blockage

  • noun An obstruction in a pipe or tube
    we had to call a plumber to clear out the blockage in the drainpipe
  • noun The act of blocking