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  • What vast blob of wisdom would find its difficult way out of him? Cited from The Enormous Room, by Edward Estlin Cummings
  • He fell into the arms of Blob, who believed him to be dead.
  • The central blob is noise left over after light from the star has been largely removed.
  • Blob has also been in all three games in the series.
  • They took it and made changes to the design that the Blob has today.
  • Similar in color, its fruit bodies are usually blob-like rather than cup shaped.
  • He turns into different objects than Blob, but they fight in a similar manner.
  • A piece cannot be moved next to a blob and then, on the same go, attack it.
  • I suddenly remembered the two blobs in the sky behind us, which had seemed to be following. Cited from Wandl the Invader, by Raymond King Cummings
  • The play of the game is, in many ways, similar to the original de Blob.
  • Each armed with a blob-stick, captain and second lieutenant faced each other. Cited from Uncle Sam's Boys with Pershing's Troops, by H. Irving Hancock
  • This is often done when two players have paired up as the blob can no longer be moved.
  • From a pocket, deep-buried, came forth a great gold blob of a watch. Cited from Gigolo, by Edna Ferber
  • "Stand by the boat, Blob!" he ordered, feeling the land with his feet. Cited from The Gentleman, by Alfred Ollivant
  • In the end, all the crew could show the people watching back on Earth was a bright blob.
  • Originally the lead character of the game was to be a Blob called Solid.
  • In a wet day the rain gathered in blobs on the road that passed our garden. Cited from A Window in Thrums, by J. M. Barrie
  • A player can either move normally or attack (or six) a blob.
  • They spread it over the ground, planning to light it as soon as the blob creatures get there.
  • All was darkness save the red eye of Blob's lantern far away. Cited from The Gentleman, by Alfred Ollivant
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Meaning of blob

  • noun An indistinct shapeless form