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  • The night, from being cool, had now become blisteringly hot. Cited from The Girl Aviators on Golden Wings,Margaret Burnham
  • Why does that incomparable monthly act blisteringly upon the writer's mind? Cited from The Recreations of A Country Parson, A. K. H. Boyd
  • It was a blisteringly hot day, and he was seen to drink brandy during the early parts of the stage.
  • Their pace was so blisteringly fast that it cracked more than two-thirds of the field, members of which dropped as much as thirty minutes behind them.
  • Owing to his experiences during the war, he abhorred shooting and killing and blisteringly criticised sport hunting.
  • The sun came up blisteringly hot, yet on I walked, and wore my coat, my hands deep down in the pockets and my head in a handkerchief. Cited from Roof and Meadow, by Dallas Lore Sharp
  • She reaches in and picks up the blisteringly hot egg.
  • The lyrics are "blisteringly satirical" and aimed at various popular culture targets.
  • In contrast, Adams managed to bring the cumbersome baritone into the blisteringly fast speeds of hard bop like no others had before.
  • The top of the hill was a sun-crowned eminence, blazingly, blisteringly, suffocatingly hot. Cited from Up the Hill and Over, by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
  • The days were blisteringly hot and the nights frigid.
  • It was blisteringly hot and from off the shore there was borne on the wind the peculiar smell that every traveler knows as "African." Cited from Boy Aviators in Africa, Captain Wilbur Lawton
  • The day was blisteringly hot, long before we reached Union Hidalgo; hot, hungry and sleepy, we reached our carter's home, a little before ten in the morning. Cited from In Indian Mexico (1908), by Frederick Starr
  • Crockery on the kitchen shelves seemed to have been artificially heated, while the head of an axe exposed to the glare was blisteringly hot. Cited from My Tropic Isle, by E J Banfield
  • After a blisteringly fast first hour that covered nearly 50 kilometers and kept several breakaway attempts from going free, an 18-man break formed at the 56 kilometer mark.
  • In 1981, he defeated former world heavyweight champion Ken Norton by a knockout just 54 seconds into the first round with a blisteringly powerful attack.
  • Wendy Ide of The Times stated that La Haine is "One of the most blisteringly effective pieces of urban cinema ever made."
  • Like many varieties of the Chinense species, the Naga Morich is a small-medium shrub with large leaves, small, five-petaled flowers, and blisteringly hot fruit.
  • By the sixth round, Ali's sight had cleared, and a clearly enraged Ali fought a blisteringly aggressive round landing combinations of punches at all angles seemingly at will.
  • He said in his review for The Daily Telegraph, that the veal saltimbocca was too salty, and found other courses "blisteringly average" or "forgettably adequate".
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