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  • His follow-your-bliss management style set the tone for many Valley success stories.
  • The happy couple's bliss was cut short when war broke out.
  • I had never lived before, But now those blisses are no more. Cited from Complete Works,Percy Bysshe Shelley Vol.III
  • The child, a little girl is named Bliss and appeared to be born normal.
  • Their romantic bliss was short-lived, as they broke up at the beginning of season six.
  • The song was released as the second single from the album Bliss.
  • Oh, call back to mind former days and their blisses! Cited from The Poems of Goethe, Transl. Edgar Alfred Bowring
  • Much of the work of Bliss's youth has been lost.
  • Much of the work of Bliss's youth has been lost.
  • Mary Taylor Bliss lost her father, mother, and husband in little more than three years.
  • All the people there will be with supreme bliss and knowledge.
  • Soon after the marriage, Bliss and his wife moved to England.
  • Bliss who started up front, led the most laps and led to the white flag.
  • Meanwhile, those who did mostly good experience bliss and those who did mostly evil suffer torment.
  • To wake up with the words of love on one's lips -- what bliss!
  • The question of whether the pair have days, weeks, months, or years of bliss is never answered.
  • His daughter Bliss Broyard did not find out until after her father's death.
  • God's highest purpose is to make man participate in the eternal bliss to come.
  • When a game of Bliss is started, the users are asked to supply information about themselves and their environment.
  • Her natural ability as a seductress is usually the only power Bliss ever needs.
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Meaning of bliss

  • noun A state of extreme happiness