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  • Info Blight refers to a specific symptom affecting plants in response to infection by a pathogenic organism. more...
  • But he has the power over us, he has blighted all our lives. Cited from The Crimson Blind, by Fred M. White
  • He went on his way, one hand still to the blighted eye. Cited from The Wrong Twin, by Harry Leon Wilson
  • From these the blight is then passed on to the following years growth.
  • However his season was blighted by injury and he made only ten appearances for the club.
  • But upon such things as history or poetry she had a somewhat blighting influence. Cited from Superseded, by May Sinclair
  • Despite its popularity the show lost money due mainly to bad weather which blighted the event.
  • He had a row with his wife then, and it has blighted his life. Cited from The Living Link, by James De Mille
  • But it was the first and last word from him that had ever reached the blighted home. Cited from Tom Slade with the Boys Over There, by Percy K. Fitzhugh
  • In recent years, many of the surrounding areas have become very blighted.
  • God only knows the mystery that has blighted such a soul in so beautiful a body! Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 6, No. 34, August, 1860, by Various
  • So far as I can see, its influence has been blighting. Cited from Strange Visitors, by Henry J. Horn
  • It is blighted in the first experience of life, most commonly when a boy first goes to school. Cited from The Christian Life, by Thomas Arnold
  • Nothing remains to blight their happiness other than a future war.
  • It was abandoned by its new owners two years later and became a source of blight.
  • What a terrible blight upon her life and that of the girls!
  • The fair American had her own secret scheme if her hopes were blighted. Cited from The Disentanglers, by Andrew Lang
  • No action was taken on this for many years which led to a planning blight along the proposed route.
  • It is true we are going to get the blight out here sooner or later. Cited from Northern Nut Growers Association, 21st Annual Meeting, by Various
  • My boy, the revelation of that night has blighted my life -- broken my heart! Cited from The Baronet's Bride, by May Agnes Fleming
  • Her condition means that she is blighted by fears that she will kill those close to her.
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Meaning of blight

  • noun A state or condition being blighted
  • noun Any plant disease resulting in withering without rotting
  • verb Cause to suffer a blight
    Too much rain may blight the garden with mold