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  • It was a very bleak place to work, especially during the winter months.
  • In light of such bleak signs, most students and staff left the college.
  • As this will be a slow process the hills now look quite bleak in places.
  • He and his troops won extraordinary praise for a four-day march under bleak conditions.
  • This device is often used to end a bleak story on a more positive note.
  • Things were looking rather bleak for the band by the late 1980s.
  • Life is bleak within the city and little hope remains.
  • His manner was bleak and he had no time for service out the strict call of duty.
  • The death count continues to rise in this dark and bleak future and some states simply no longer exist.
  • Without treatment, children face a bleak and short-lived future.
  • Although they fall in love, she is unable to take the romance further due to her bleak past.
  • As a result of all this, people found his circumstances bleak.
  • They were faced with a somewhat bleak environment in which to make their homes.
  • Not all of the music deals with such extremely bleak subject matter, however.
  • The song is sometimes credited with being one of the band's most bleak singles.
  • She said many young gay men are driven into a place that is "dark and bleak".
  • He said that the current state of the industry made success for startups bleak.
  • He described it as "almost certainly one of the bleakest songs we'll hear this year."
  • In Europe the bleak can easily be confused with many other species.
  • These facts raise an issue as to when Bleak House is actually set.
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