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  • No player ever hit a home run into the center field bleachers.
  • Scenes also feature him singing on the bleachers of his high school football field.
  • It is big enough to seat the entire student body inside on the bleachers.
  • In the process, people sitting in the left-field bleachers had their view cut off.
  • There will still be space for standing room behind the new row of bleachers.
  • He eventually finds her sitting on bleachers where they make up.
  • Two years later, those bleachers were removed and the first phase of construction on that court began.
  • At the game, only the west stands and center section of the east bleachers were completed.
  • It consists of one large sports field and two sets of bleachers.
  • Though the floor has been replaced, original wooden bench bleachers remain from the early construction.
  • The school has a new office section and has added in a new press box and fixed up the home bleachers.
  • The home team's bleachers are on the east side of the stadium.
  • For the women's games, only one of the bleachers is opened.
  • A new press box, sound system, and bleachers were also added.
  • I sat in the bleachers all afternoon, waiting for something to break loose. Cited from Piccadilly Jim, by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
  • I was near him in that end of the bleachers, and I watched him closely. Cited from The Young Pitcher, by Zane Grey
  • These plans include a new press box and expanded bleachers for the opposing teams.
  • He felt worse over failing to hold the ball than he felt over half killing himself against the bleachers. Cited from The Young Pitcher, by Zane Grey
  • The indoor track had been removed and a second practice court was moved to behind the west bleachers.
  • The old bleachers along left field/3rd base line had a football press box for a number of years.
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Root form of bleachers is bleacher for the noun.

Meaning of bleachers

  • noun An outdoor grandstand without a roof; patrons are exposed to the sun as linens are when they are bleached
  • noun A worker who bleaches (cloth or flour etc.)