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  • Between the gardens of the city and a space occupied as a bleaching ground lay the river. Cited from O. T., A Danish Romance, by Hans C. Andersen
  • She been dead till her bones is bleached, but she comes and tells me to be a good boy. Cited from Slave Narratives: Arkansas, Pt. 7, by Work Projects Administration
  • The same process will effectively bleach materials that have grown yellow from lack of use. Cited from Fowler's Household Helps, by A. L. Fowler
  • Its sand-banks might have been made of bleached bones, they looked so gray and dead. Cited from The Mermaid, by Lily Dougall
  • He went to Rugby School and then joined the family bleaching business.
  • The snow will soon cover us, and when the spring comes there will only be a few bleached bones. Cited from Greenmantle, by John Buchan
  • Then she bleached it until it was as white as snow. Cited from The Child's World, by Hetty Browne, Sarah Withers, & W.K. Tate
  • Money should wash them also, or at least money should bleach their descendants. Cited from The Mystery of Metropolisville, by Edward Eggleston
  • Charles left his well paid weaving position to try to develop improved bleaching methods.
  • Beyond doubt the goods are as perfectly bleached by this process as by any now in use. Cited from Scientific American Supplement, No. 530, February 27, 1886, by Various
  • It is best situated in a position away from direct sun to avoid leaf bleaching.
  • And so again whenever they become dirty they are bleached by being put in the fire. Cited from Travels of Marco Polo Volume 1, by Marco Polo and Rustichello of Pisa
  • The bleach works were to the right of this image as it looks west.
  • But it was not his own pain and shock that had bleached those lips so white. Cited from V. V.'s Eyes, by Henry Sydnor Harrison
  • He no longer bleached his hair and he grew a beard.
  • Its surface has been bleached white by the elements.
  • Not far off some human bones were found, old and bleached. Cited from A Canyon Voyage, by Frederick S. Dellenbaugh
  • Behind the house, on the side towards the village, linen lay out to bleach. Cited from The Precipice, by Ivan Goncharov
  • The man whose bleached bones lay before them had evidently perished many years before. Cited from The Island Queen, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • The Palace was sold and subsequently used as a bleaching factory, amongst other things.
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Meaning of bleach

  • noun The whiteness that results from removing the color from something
    a complete bleach usually requires several applications
  • noun The act of whitening something by bleaching it (exposing it to sunlight or using a chemical bleaching agent)
  • verb Remove color from
    The sun bleached the red shirt
  • verb Make whiter or lighter
    bleach the laundry