Bleach Blood

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  • Bleach Blood returned in September 2014 with a new line up and announced the release of their new single for the 12th October titled "Pleased to Meet You" Their debut album has been recorded and due to be released early 2015.
  • Bleach Blood featured Jazz on lead vocals, with Mullen on guitar and backing vocals and in December 2012 the band released their debut EP - The Young Heartbreakers Club.
  • Since their hiatus, Mullen has gone on to both join and form a number of bands, which he currently splits his time between - including The Automatic, Young Legionnaire, Losers, HorseFight and Bleach Blood.
  • On 6th May 2014, former members Itch, Jamie Jazz and Fruitbag briefly reuinted for a three-song one-off encore after Itch's set at the 100 Club in London, joined by members of Bleach Blood on bass and drums.