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  • He blatantly used his newspaper to support his own projects and political aspirations.
  • There is something very blatantly offensive about the man who feels well on board a boat. Cited from Diary of a Pilgrimage, by Jerome K. Jerome
  • This allows visitors to run any engine they want, without anything looking blatantly anachronistic.
  • Although blatantly partisan, it became the most widely read history of the state at the time.
  • I was no longer interested in acting and that had become blatantly obvious to everyone on set.
  • Not one of them blatantly new or marked with the dollar sign. Cited from Murder at Bridge, by Anne Austin
  • He would blatantly state his views on members of government, using outward attacks including the names of specific people and established institutions.
  • When the Indians came, they blatantly boasted of what they had done.
  • Only a very small number of councils could get a majority for a blatantly unlawful policy.
  • Choi sat beside a girl as she acted blatantly and introduced herself as a transfer student.
  • From listening to him speak it was blatantly obvious why the man has won an All-Ireland.
  • The album is widely regarded as their most blatantly crossover-aimed album.
  • Although blatantly partisan, it became the most popular history of Kentucky at the time.
  • He would usually not attack media coverage, even negative coverage, unless he felt it was blatantly incorrect.
  • There aren't any blatantly bad songs, but sure, you might skip a few.
  • The film suggests her pageant victory was blatantly fixed by criminal elements.
  • Some thought the district had been blatantly gerrymandered to force Holden out of office.
  • When Michal asked to join their group, he blatantly refused and told her to "wait a day."
  • It took us to the next record, recording it two more times, before he became comfortable with it because it was such a blatantly great pop song.
  • She does not seem to mind she spent childhood in the shadow of her brother, blatantly the family favourite and given all the support she never had.
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Meaning of blatantly

  • adverb In a blatant manner
    they blatantly violated the laws