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  • Info A blastopore is an opening into the archenteron during the embryonic stages of an organism. more...
  • Two major groups of animals can be distinguished according to the blastopore's fate.
  • The story is a little more complex, because the blastopore itself does not go on to become the mouth.
  • In most animals, a blastopore is formed at the point where cells are entering the embryo.
  • The entrance to this is known as the blastopore and it will later develop into the anus.
  • Figure 9 gives a similar diagram of a later stage, but here the blastopore is closed. Cited from Text Book of Biology, Part 1: Vertebrata, by H. G. Wells
  • The anus is perforated later near the region occupied at this stage by the blastopore. Cited from Text Book of Biology, Part 1: Vertebrata, by H. G. Wells
  • The open end of the archenteron is called the blastopore.
  • In many animals the blastopore, an opening in the surface of the early embryo, tunnels through to form the gut.
  • However, in bryozoans the blastopore closes, and a new opening develops to create the mouth.
  • In deuterostomes, the blastopore becomes the anus while the gut eventually tunnels through to make another opening, which forms the mouth.
  • An alternative way to develop two openings from the blastopore during gastrulation, called amphistomy, appears to exist as well in animals like nematodes.
  • Its ancestral role, or at least the role it plays in the Cnidaria, appears to be in defining the blastopore.
  • The blastopore becomes the anus whist the gut tunnels through the embryo to the other side where the opening becomes the mouth.
  • The circular blastopore in the frog in later years often went by the name of the anus of Rusconi. Cited from Form and Function, by E. S. (Edward Stuart) Russell
  • It can be seen from outside the embryo that the dorsal lip curves itself and grows, creating the side lips of the blastopore.
  • The one exception is the anterior portion of the dorsal blastopore lip.
  • In deuterostomes the anus forms from the blastopore, while in protostomes it develops into the mouth.
  • The primitive streak is, in fact, the scar of a closed blastopore. Cited from Text Book of Biology, Part 1: Vertebrata, by H. G. Wells
  • More recent research, however, shows that in protostomes the edges of the slit-like blastopore close up in the middle, leaving openings at both ends that become the mouth and anus.
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Meaning of blastopore

  • noun The opening into the archenteron