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  • However the boys did not know that they were being blackmailed and they signed.
  • After he has completed the system, he begins getting blackmailed, to break his system.
  • He is blackmailed into marriage by a woman he does not love who finds out his secret.
  • She constantly blackmailed people with evidence she collected to get what she wanted.
  • According to at least one modern day account he was blackmailed.
  • After a failed attempt to kill a woman, a man finds himself blackmailed over the incident.
  • Although he is being blackmailed, he agrees to do so while also being paid for the information.
  • She has many problems with her new husband, who despises her for having blackmailed him into marriage.
  • He blackmailed the regional president of We Made It for one million stars.
  • He insisted that he would only speak directly to his contact and would not be blackmailed into providing information.
  • Bruhl made all the people being blackmailed live in one building to keep an eye on them.
  • Soon it is revealed that the female victim had been blackmailed by a foreign secret service.
  • Now, twenty one years later, John was being blackmailed by the former administrator.
  • There he was blackmailed to hand over a Chinese secret agreement.
  • They never hunt or fish themselves as long as they can frighten other people into being blackmailed by them. Cited from Three Boys in the Wild North Land, by Egerton Ryerson Young
  • He claims he was blackmailed by the older men, who threatened his family and took his passport.
  • Although married, Dover also had a female friend, who blackmailed him for money and military information.
  • You think you are being blackmailed by a Miss Valentine for some letters you once wrote her. Cited from Something New, by P.G. Wodehouse
  • He got blackmailed and some people claimed they would kill him for opposing the pact.
  • All the years since, he has blackmailed me. Cited from The Black Box, by E. Phillips Oppenheim
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Root form of blackmailed is blackmail for the verb.

Meaning of blackmailed

  • verb Exert pressure on someone through threats
  • verb Obtain through threats