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  • When seen from above it often has two blackish lateral lines down either side.
  • Their color is blackish-brown in the upper parts, and light brown in the lower parts.
  • The head is black, or blackish-blue with a broad, pale blue eye ring.
  • When seen up close there are faint blackish cross lines too.
  • Its cap is blackish and legs could be pale red or bright red.
  • The animal is blackish dark red, tentacles very long, eyes small and black.
  • The bill is yellow with a small black tip in summer, all blackish in winter.
  • Her left eye is hazel, giving her eyes a unique appearance as the other one is brown/blackish.
  • There is a dark blackish line through the eyes and a wide white stripe just above that line.
  • The short bill is blackish, eyes are dark brown and the legs and feet are pale grey.
  • They are initially a yellow white, turning reddish brown then blackish brown.
  • Its bill is usually a dark red or blackish.
  • It is dark brown above and gray below with blackish legs.
  • Just before and below the base of the cleft is a small blackish brown spot.
  • Wing membrane is blackish brown, it is but kept in an extended position during rest.
  • The flight feathers are blackish-brown with light brown or white border.
  • A dark grey, reddish-brown or blackish-brown band is present in front of the eyes.
  • The female is a rich brown bird with blackish head.
  • The species has a very flat body, the carapace is dark to blackish brown.
  • The bill is blackish, the eyes dark, and the feet dull red.
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