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  • It has and a Christian high school and bizarrely two public primary schools.
  • Bizarrely, although the site was sold and knocked down, the land was not developed and turned into a waste ground.
  • Bizarrely, smaller envelopes fall out from the torn opening of the big one.
  • Bizarrely, Villa didn't draw a single game all season!
  • Due to a bizarrely convoluted family tree, any or all of these descriptions may be said to be true.
  • These then seemed to suggest, bizarrely, the colours of various mad characters.
  • "Scenes bizarrely similar" occurred in London one week later.
  • For the rest of his life, he dressed in bizarrely unconventional clothes.
  • Bizarrely, Styles leaves the scene without taking the gun that implicates him.
  • Bizarrely, Ward's first six games for City included four against Millwall.
  • Bizarrely, it is said that some of the players in the match attempted to tackle shadows.
  • Bizarrely, all three of his League goals were penalties against Sheffield United.
  • Bizarrely he was allowed to continue for two more matches before being replaced by John Gorman on a caretaker basis.
  • However, due to the bizarrely thick fog during the match, the team doctors were unable to see that he had been unconscious.
  • Such sentences, often bizarrely remote from any conceivable use, have been the occasion for jokes ever since.
  • She also described Marshall's character in this episode as "bizarrely broad and cartoonish".
  • Canis also bizarrely appears and helps with the forces fighting the siege.
  • Bizarrely the house then lands in to the hands of a tribal family from Manipur.
  • It is clumsily put together and rather bizarrely played.
  • However, later in his reign, he began to act cruelly and bizarrely, apparently fueled by his alcoholism.
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