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  • It was a bizarre version that no one ever really got used to.
  • They asked her what happened and she related her bizarre experience.
  • This came under bizarre circumstances in the which took place in heavy rain.
  • The original songs were finally removed leaving entirely new and bizarre performances.
  • Could we not say the same for any bizarre aberration we can think of?
  • Each episode would focus on the pair playing bizarre characters from a particular profession.
  • Now that he was alone his dress became more bizarre.
  • It's a bizarre situation for a world-famous writer to be in.
  • The bizarre affair was subject to much attention in the mass media.
  • The next day a series of increasingly bizarre events take place.
  • It received generally mixed or average reviews and was noted for its bizarre ending.
  • This produced a large number of Soviet people with bizarre names.
  • Series Four, the final series of the programme, is in many ways the most bizarre.
  • Played came about through a series of bizarre circumstances.
  • Many episodes of this series even had a bizarre Japanese "wild west" setting.
  • The common name of these fish is related to their bizarre, tubular eyes.
  • The day before a show he would promote the show himself at the designated location, sometimes in his own bizarre manner.
  • Nick's bizarre jobs became a major feature of the first four series.
  • Bizarre grew up living with his single mother.
  • And like that game, this one arms you with a pretty bizarre arsenal.
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