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  • He continued to hold his other offices as well as his bishopric.
  • For a little while around that time it was the seat of a bishopric.
  • It was the latter position that opened up the bishopric for him.
  • He was then translated three more times, taking up different bishoprics.
  • The town of historic importance was one of the first bishoprics founded in Spain.
  • He succeeded in securing peace in the prince-bishopric during his whole reign.
  • He resigned the see after three years and retired to the Bishopric of Down.
  • The title is no longer in use by any of the main Christian churches having been united with other bishoprics.
  • Many former bishoprics remained heads of the new dioceses, but many cities lost their bishop.
  • He took orders and managed to obtain rich benefits, and even a bishopric.
  • However, such investigation was not needed for the two bishoprics south of the Forth.
  • He turned them all down, possibly in the hopes of landing a more prominent bishopric in the future.
  • Over the years he was offered several bishoprics, but had humbly refused them al.
  • They arrived at their bishoprics, and died in the islands, where they furnished an excellent example. Cited from The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898, Vol. 24, Ed. by Blair & Robertson
  • From that moment on he held the two traditionally most important bishoprics in Poland.
  • The like might be said of some other principal Bishoprics. Cited from An English Garner, Edited by Professor Arber and Thomas Sercombe
  • It then was a part of the French province of the Three Bishoprics.
  • The ancient diocese was only one of many bishoprics within the former of these Roman provinces.
  • He was arrested, removed from his bishopric and then expelled from the country.
  • The former was ordained bishop, but did not hold his bishopric long.
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