birds nesting

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  • They might have been after birds nests the way they went at it. Cited from "Same old Bill, eh Mable!", by Edward Streeter
  • So he passed another day in the last year's bird's nest. Cited from The Tale of Dickie Deer Mouse, by Arthur Scott Bailey
  • A bird's nest lay on the ground directly in front of him. Cited from Friends and Helpers, by Sarah J. Eddy
  • Between four and six million birds nest and feed on the lake every year.
  • Outside the building there are many areas where local birds nest.
  • I observed the beautiful bird's nest which I mentioned the other day. Cited from Mission to Central Africa in the Years 1850-51, Vol. 2, by Richardson
  • Just then little Alexander came to show me his bird's nest. Cited from Cleopatra, by Georg Ebers, v6
  • An old experience in religion is of no more value than a last year's bird's nest! Cited from The Next of Kin, by Nellie L. McClung
  • Who ever heard of birds nesting at this time of year? Cited from Blacky the Crow, by Thornton W. Burgess
  • I used to look in the birds' nests without even taking the eggs. Cited from Abbe Mouret's Transgression, by Emile Zola
  • In May over five hundred species of birds nest in India. Cited from A Bird Calendar for Northern India, by Douglas Dewar
  • Some critics think that architecture had its start in the making of a bird's nest. Cited from The City of Domes, by John D. Barry
  • He came to see that the whole world could not live by hunting birds' nests. Cited from My Life and Work, by Henry Ford
  • They also have been known to take shelter within abandoned bird nests.
  • Did you ever hear of such an article of food as bird's-nest soup? Cited from St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, Vol. 5, Jan 1878, No. 3
  • Once she looked back at the house, set like an ancient brown bird's nest on the narrow fields. Cited from Life at High Tide, by Various
  • These birds nest on the ground, usually near water.
  • Then down came half a dozen small branches, several with birds' nests on them. Cited from Four Boy Hunters, by Captain Ralph Bonehill
  • It is an effort of a village community who wanted to protect the birds nesting in their village.
  • Another example is of a birds nest in a tree.
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