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  • In fact, the study of human use is an important part of the biosphere reserve program.
  • The park has been designated a biosphere reserve because of the presence of such rare species.
  • Authority over land and water use does not change when a biosphere reserve is designated in Canada.
  • Often it is only stopped by the death of the host biosphere.
  • The national park is one of the core areas of the biosphere reserve.
  • The island was recently protected as a biosphere reserve again by the above groups.
  • The national park management is responsible for the care of the biosphere reserve and its national aspects.
  • The effect of impact events on the biosphere has been the subject of scientific debate.
  • The biosphere or milieu has also been going through the process of social engineering.
  • In past this unique biosphere provided an important income source for inhabitants.
  • The biosphere reserve is located in a province that has seen widespread forest destruction.
  • This discovery has also increased our current knowledge of the evolution of the biosphere on Earth.
  • It is the only Biosphere Reserve entirely in a capital city in the world.
  • Much of this area has been designated as a biosphere reserve.
  • Biosphere - This is where all living things on Earth live.
  • All its upper course has been declared a Biosphere Reserve.
  • The range has also been declared a biosphere reserve.
  • Aside from Earth's, there are no currently known biospheres to destroy in space.
  • The group worked to get the biosphere declared in 1997 and has had international support since then.
  • Mass production of one billion biosphere units would reduce the per-unit cost by several orders of magnitude.
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Meaning of biosphere

  • noun The regions of the surface and atmosphere of the earth (or other planet) where living organisms exist