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  • However, its presence in ocean water has given it a role in biology.
  • This has allowed a variety of research into their biology.
  • However, its presence in ocean water has given it a role in biology (see below).
  • In biology, game theory has been used as a model to understand many different phenomena.
  • I did a tree of life for my biology teacher.
  • The biology of most such species is almost completely unknown.
  • The table has also found wide application in physics, biology, engineering, and industry.
  • Many aspects of bird biology are difficult to study in the field.
  • Note that biology and all of its branches are also life sciences.
  • The title story described an international biology research laboratory in Central Europe.
  • Biology plays a very important role in the development of personality.
  • This has led many to think that biology and environment factors play a complex role in forming it.
  • Currently, the main areas of focus are information technology and systems biology, but a few more courses are under development.
  • The theory of evolution in its current form affects almost all areas of biology.
  • The term is also occasionally used in biology, to describe the wings of some flying animals.
  • The Fly Room was the source of some of the most important research in the history of biology.
  • It has been suggested as a bridge between biology and physics.
  • In chemistry and biology this is usually referred to as a force field.
  • This was an era of great change in the ways in which questions in biology were approached.
  • The biology department has for years been a research pioneer in freshwater conditions.
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Synonyms of biology

Meaning of biology

  • noun The science that studies living organisms
  • noun Characteristic life processes and phenomena of living organisms
    the biology of viruses