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  • He has been the subject of many biographies and critical studies of his work.
  • He then began writing the biographies for which he is best known.
  • It has often been described as the greatest biography ever written.
  • The work has been broken up into individual biographies for modern publication.
  • In prison he wrote many biographies, including his own, and other books.
  • In later life, she wrote non-fiction, including several biographies that were well received.
  • Their marriage appears to have been a very happy one, and she later wrote a biography of him.
  • Only in the last year of her life did she agree to have her biography written.
  • She published thirty-five books, mostly novels but also biographies and travel writing.
  • She also established a reputation for herself as a writer of popular historical biographies.
  • Eight years later his daughter published his correspondence as a biography of his literary life.
  • Since his death, there have been two biographies published, though the first was well advanced when he died.
  • Several editions of his works and an additional biography were published during that time.
  • Nothing more is directly known about him, and all the information we have about him comes from much later biographies.
  • This became the first full length biography written by an African American.
  • The most prominent cases reported by mainstream media involved biographies of living people.
  • Other Book TV programs feature political and historical books and biographies of public figures.
  • He wrote other biographies of English historical and literary figures, and many other historical works.
  • Pictures of all three are featured in both biographies listed in the sources section.
  • Various courses books along with other Literature and biographies of important people can also be found here.
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Meaning of biography

  • noun An account of the series of events making up a person's life