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  • The national biodiesel standard has been developed based on the European standard.
  • Multiple economic studies have been performed regarding the economic impact of biodiesel production.
  • When completed it will be the largest biodiesel manufacturing plant in the state.
  • Currently, a BioDiesel project is under way for market and local use.
  • Currently several small biodiesel production projects are starting in the country.
  • The company is now looking to fuel its future fleet with biodiesel.
  • It is becoming a main focus in a number of biodiesel research organizations.
  • The use as biodiesel fuel is becoming more and more important.
  • It is sometimes easier to find biodiesel in rural areas than in cities.
  • This oil can then be turned into biodiesel which could be sold for use in automobiles.
  • This appears to be the first account of the production of what is known as "biodiesel" today.
  • In some countries such as Germany, biodiesel is often used.
  • UPM is planning to produce high-quality advanced biodiesel from forest energy wood.
  • It has also received attention in recent years as a possible feedstock for the large-scale production of biodiesel.
  • Recently, artichoke oil has attracted some attention as a possible source of biodiesel.
  • Some farmers have also been using small plants to create their own biodiesel for farm machinery since the 1990s.
  • How these issues are resolved may determine whether Malaysia eventually becomes a major producer of biodiesel.
  • Its mission is to advance the interests of members by creating sustainable biodiesel industry growth.
  • This plant has edible fruit which may be used for production of biodiesel.
  • Non-standard courses range from video production to architecture to automobile repair and even biodiesel production.
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