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  • Info Biochemistry, sometimes called biological chemistry, is the study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms. more...
  • He later became professor of biochemistry in the same department.
  • Each has a different biochemistry, so each is largely toxic to the other.
  • Biochemistry is currently at its seventh edition and is widely used by many universities.
  • Biochemistry was not, at that time, recognized as a separate branch of science.
  • He was noted for his work in both physical chemistry and biochemistry.
  • The character, before being transformed into a powerful hero, was a college biochemistry student.
  • By then he had decided biochemistry was his subject.
  • While in Australia, Young conducted several experiments related to the biochemistry of blood.
  • Their mechanism of action is consequently one of the best studied in all of biochemistry.
  • They are also common in biochemistry, but less so than in organic chemistry in general.
  • As a psychology student, he became interested in the biochemistry of mental health problems.
  • He also filled in occasionally during those years as a biochemistry teacher, exercising his old master's degree.
  • This discovery lead to an explosion of research into the biochemistry of life.
  • Moore was central to the early development of the field of biochemistry in the UK.
  • Combining contemporary medical studies with the field of biochemistry, it offers a bridge between the two subjects.
  • He later studied biochemistry at the University of Manchester, but left in his third year to become a writer.
  • The biochemistry of insect flight has been a focus of considerable study.
  • Biochemistry research and teaching spaces are found on the second floor.
  • Plant biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes used by plants.
  • The following year he was appointed professor in biochemistry at the Community of Madrid.
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Meaning of biochemistry

  • noun The organic chemistry of compounds and processes occurring in organisms; the effort to understand biology within the context of chemistry