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  • There has been a variety of evidence found biochemically to give evidence that glycosomes are present in cells.
  • Under some conditions proteins will not fold into their biochemically functional forms.
  • It is highly active biochemically, producing acid from a wide variety of carbohydrates.
  • Phenotypic provides a biochemically complex standard against which a biochemically similar natural abundance standard can be compared.
  • However, the two aliens are able to pool memories biochemically, so that they become the same personality in two bodies.
  • The increase in body temperature that results from the break down in thermoregulation affects the body biochemically.
  • Several enzymes involved in the wood decay process have been biochemically characterized.
  • This is because the fungi used are biochemically very active when compared with starter bacteria.
  • For example, many form biochemically during ripening of fruits and other crops.
  • The two known serotypes can be distinguished biochemically by differences in enzyme activity.
  • Modern oxygen-breathing animals would have been biochemically impossible until earlier photosynthetic life transformed Earth's atmosphere.
  • This is because the fungi used are more biochemically active than the starter bacteria.
  • Several leaf-opening and leaf-closing factors have been characterized biochemically.
  • The olfactory epithelium is made up of at least six morphologically and biochemically different cell types.
  • These T cells are skin-associated, meaning that they biochemically and biologically are most related to the skin, in a dynamic manner.
  • On average, biochemically all humans are 99.9% similar to any other humans.
  • Thus, it would be biochemically possible to sustain life in environments that are only periodically consistent with life as we know it.
  • Students at the centre learn how to harness existing techniques and develop new ones for the study of biochemically important processes in and around biological membranes.
  • Hemophages are biochemically affected by the disease in different ways and to different degrees, resulting in a remarkably wide range of abilities.
  • A particular benefit of the Strep-tag is its rather small size and the fact that it is biochemically almost inert.
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  • adverb With respect to biochemistry
    biochemically interesting phenomenon