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  • Info In algebra, a binomial is a polynomial which is the sum of two terms, which are monomials. more...
  • The common name for each species will be followed by its binomial name.
  • The two words are often used as the second word of a binomial name.
  • The common name for each species is followed by its binomial name.
  • They are often used as the second word of a binomial name.
  • The species name is also called a binomial, that is, a two-term name.
  • The word is also used in the binomial names of several species.
  • Who has anything new to say about the binomial theorem at this late date?
  • It could not be given an official binomial name until more about its classification is known.
  • The first part of the binomial, the genus name, is always written with an initial capital letter.
  • Each species is listed, with its binomial name and notes on its distribution where this is limited.
  • There are more species with as yet no assigned binomial names.
  • This is a rare case in which the common name has been more stable than the binomial.
  • Species names consist of a genus part and a species part to create a binomial name.
  • The full binomial name must be unique within a kingdom.
  • Many nurseries use common names rather than the binomial name, which can lead to confusion.
  • The binomial name should generally be written in full.
  • These binomials could serve as a label to refer to the species.
  • The beta-binomial distribution is a good example of how this process works.
  • Both of them published binomial square principle at the same year, independently.
  • However, as the example below shows, the binomial test is not restricted to this case.
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Meaning of binomial

  • noun (mathematics) a quantity expressed as a sum or difference of two terms; a polynomial with two terms
  • adjective Of or relating to or consisting of two terms
    binomial expression