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  • Info A billet is a term for living quarters to which a soldier is assigned to sleep. more...
  • The moment he came home he sat down and wrote the following billet. Cited from The Fortunate Foundlings, by Eliza Fowler Haywood
  • The average tour length per one-star billet is two to four years.
  • We carried him away from the billet and sat him up against a wall. Cited from Combed Out, by Fritz August Voigt [AKA: F.A.V.]
  • So he says what do you call this but a rest billet? Cited from The Real Dope, by Ring Lardner
  • She thought he had possibly come to take some of the billets away. Cited from Deep Waters, The Entire Collection, by W.W. Jacobs
  • Now they are those of a staff officer on his way to his billet. Cited from Foch the Man, by Clara E. Laughlin
  • I left the officer billeted in my house to take care of it. Cited from On the Edge of the War Zone, by Mildred Aldrich
  • We were not allowed to return to our billets as another attack was expected. Cited from S.O.S. Stand to!, by Reginald Grant
  • After the first day's march we arrived at our rest billets. Cited from Over The Top, by Arthur Guy Empey
  • In our billets, indeed, the very best the house could produce was set before us. Cited from With The Immortal Seventh Division, by E. J. Kennedy
  • Two of my friends were amongst them and together we walked over to their billet. Cited from Combed Out, by Fritz August Voigt [AKA: F.A.V.]
  • He and I decided to start out and look for billets on our own. Cited from Bullets & Billets, by Bruce Bairnsfather
  • Then he started to tell about what happened to him when his division was last back in rest billets. Cited from Mr. Standfast, by John Buchan
  • This is before we get to the high road, and really start for billets. Cited from Bullets & Billets, by Bruce Bairnsfather
  • Back in billets the very first thing that comes off is the big clean-up. Cited from A Yankee in the Trenches, by R. Derby Holmes
  • He also held numerous other billets during his time served.
  • I knew I could make no mistake in my office and in my billet! Cited from Three Wonder Plays, by Lady I. A. Gregory
  • We returned a little time ago to our billets and have just had tea. Cited from Letters from France, by Isaac Alexander Mack
  • He was in bed, his eyes hard shut, when his friend appeared in the billet. Cited from Wee Macgreegor Enlists, by J. J. Bell
  • While they were needed as billets our men lived in them. Cited from The Old Front Line, by John Masefield
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Meaning of billet

  • noun Lodging for military personnel (especially in a private home)