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  • This means that cooperation can occur bilaterally as well as among all five members.
  • Some very simple animals may not have a head, but many bilaterally symmetric forms do.
  • The European Union carries out a number of activities bilaterally with each country.
  • The same approaches are adopted bilaterally where both eyes have been affected.
  • Bilaterally formal trade is increasing but informal trade is higher than formal trade.
  • They are commonly concluded bilaterally, though some agreements also involve a larger number of countries.
  • Patient will present with a slow growing, deep-seated, firm mass, often presenting bilaterally.
  • Like tremors, they are typically back and forth movements, and most commonly occur bilaterally.
  • In humans, when present, it often appears unilaterally, most commonly on the left side, or bilaterally.
  • These are organized into three groups by longitudinal position, and each group is bilaterally symmetric.
  • Japan also negotiated bilaterally with countries on economic matters of mutual interest.
  • Unlike many other gastropods, they are more or less bilaterally symmetrical in their external appearance.
  • Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, both nations have become increasingly close politically and bilaterally.
  • To a large extent, the international legal aspects of the relationship between countries and foreign investors are addressed bilaterally between two countries.
  • It generally occurs bilaterally without significant side to side dimorphism.
  • The most frequent target of attacks are both legs bilaterally, rather than unilateral symptoms.
  • Strategic goods, such as nuclear technology, are still traded bilaterally rather than in a multilateral open market.
  • It overall adopted the main tower with bilaterally symmetrical sub-towers style.
  • Torajans belong to more than one house as they trace descent bilaterally - that is, through both the male and female line.
  • Part of this preparation includes a slow negative wave bilaterally distributed over pre- and post-central sites, the readiness potential.
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Meaning of bilaterally

  • adverb With the involvement of two parties or governments
    they worked out an agreement bilaterally
  • adverb So as to involve two sides or parts