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  • Despite this, there have been low level of bilateral trade between the two countries.
  • Both countries share friendly bilateral co-operation in education, health and labour.
  • Since then numerous bilateral meetings have taken place between both sides.
  • It is called a bilateral environmental agreement if the agreement is between two nation states.
  • Representative cricket teams were selected to tour each other, resulting in bilateral competition.
  • The bilateral relationship has grown to become one of New Zealand's most important.
  • Bilateral trade, exchange control and multiple exchange rates were its most important characteristics.
  • However, it was agreed to create a bilateral commission, only about the property issue, as a technical problem.
  • Third and fourth freedom rights are almost always granted simultaneously in bilateral agreements between countries.
  • This will be their first bilateral ODI series against a Test-playing country.
  • The bilateral relationship between Canada and the United States is of notable importance to both countries.
  • With the establishment of a bilateral or regional free trade agreement, that may not be the case.
  • This first series of bilateral agreements included the free movement of persons.
  • The country has no major dispute in its bilateral relations.
  • He thought language families of any size needed to be established by some scholastic means other than bilateral comparison.
  • The swelling is usually bilateral and can occur over a period of hours to weeks.
  • A special bilateral committee was set up to carry out the restitution of cultural goods.
  • Relations between the two countries are now cordial, with strong trade and many new bilateral links.
  • The main purpose of the group is to provide policy-level consultation on bilateral defence matters.
  • Pakistan also receives bilateral aid from developed and oil-rich countries.
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