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  • Bikinis have been made out of just about every material known.
  • Then we see the her lie on a sun bed under her lover in a black bikini.
  • The book was introduced with a bikini show in a book store.
  • She then lies in the sun in her white bikini.
  • The stadium was used to attempt to set a new world record for the most women in bikinis in one place.
  • About her new offers, she said she has been approached by several companies about doing bikini ranges with them.
  • The Bikini families also gave up the right for any future claims against the United States.
  • Bikini was distant from both regular sea and air traffic, making it an ideal location.
  • Shots of the beach and women in bikinis are also shown throughout the video.
  • The appearance of bikinis kept increasing both on screen and off.
  • Oliver came to her room to return what she left at the Bikini Bar.
  • They are afraid to speak, saying they have to go back to Bikini Bottom.
  • The first appearance of the ten competing girls on the stage was in bikinis.
  • This caused a great change in Bikini's style and image.
  • Such papers frequently feature women wearing bikinis or less and show pictures of dead bodies on their front pages.
  • They soon learned they could no longer fish the way they had on Bikini Atoll.
  • Before then a colour-based alert scheme known as BIKINI state was used.
  • The beach films led a wave of films that made the bikini pop-culture symbol.
  • She then dives into the ocean in her black bikini, followed by her lover.
  • Towards the end, Pop begins to drool while the female takes off her bikini.
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Meaning of bikini

  • noun An atoll in the marshall islands; formerly used by the united states as a site for testing nuclear weapons
  • noun A woman's very brief bathing suit