big band drummer

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  • Every big band drummer after Lewis has been influenced by him to some degree.
  • He was equally effective as a big band drummer and as a small group drummer.
  • In the early 1950s he started to gain recognition as a sensitive yet hard-driving big-band drummer.
  • After returning home from the war, he became an award-winning investigative journalist as well as an expert jazz and big-band drummer.
  • He is the great nephew of big band drummer Dave Tough.
  • Animal's drumming was performed by British jazz and big band drummer Ronnie Verrell.
  • Butera's professional career blossomed early, beginning with a stint in big band drummer Ray McKinley's orchestra directly after high school.
  • This special tribute show also featured legendary British session and big band drummer, Kenny Clare, as well as Buddy Rich.
  • The Daily Telegraph said Verrel had a "rare combination of craftsmanship and bravura showmanship" and called him "Britain's best-known big band drummer for half a century".
  • He continued his education with big band drummer Chuck Flores, followed by two years of study under jazz drummer Jo Jones (also known as Papa Jo Jones) in the mid-1970s.
  • He moved with his parents to Houston in 1957, and began formal study of percussion in 1962, first with big band drummer Jack Dudney and after several years from Houston Symphony Orchestra percussionist "Hap" Fulghum.
  • The Second National Band was filled out by Michael Cohen on keyboards (who had played on Nesmith's previous LP Nevada Fighter), big-band drummer Jack Ranelli, bassist Johnny Meeks (who had played lead guitar years before with Gene Vincent), and Puerto Rican conga player Jose Feliciano.