big band album

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  • It is his first big band album as a leader.
  • It is notable for being Dave Douglas's first big band album.
  • Ryan has also led his own big band since the 1980s and released his first big band album in 2012.
  • What Goes Around is Dave Holland's first big band album, released in 2002.
  • The album was inspired by Robbie William's big band album Swing When You're Winning.
  • Time's Mirror is a 1999 big band album by jazz trumpeter, composer and arranger, Tom Harrell.
  • It was written by Robert Lamm and studio session musician Bruce Gaitsch, the guitarist from the Night & Day Big Band album.
  • On another guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he announced he was working with Universal Republic Records in putting together a big band album after signing a record deal.
  • Pop Idol: The Big Band Album is a compilation album featuring big band songs recorded by the final 10 from the first UK series of Pop Idol.
  • Horn A-Plenty is big band album by Al Hirt that was released in 1962 by RCA Victor.
  • In addition to a full performance schedule, Ron spends much time composing and arranging, both for an instrumental big band album, and for vocalist Angela DeNiro.
  • The VHS was released simultaneously with his big band album We Are In Love and his instrumental trio album Lofty's Roach Souffle.
  • He holds a Masters degree at the Manhattan School of Music (1984-85), and released at the same time the big band album Letter from New York with American musicians.
  • Colin James & The Little Big Band 3 is the tenth studio album by Canadian blues/rock musician Colin James and the third Little Big Band album with its swing/jive themes.
  • Lindgren has received numerous music awards and recognitions, including the "Jazz In Sweden" award in 1999, a Grammy nomination in 2000, and a Grammy win in 2001 for his big band album "Paradise Open."