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  • We had a big camp-fire, and sat around it until very late. Cited from Vanished Arizona, by Martha Summerhayes
  • Yet there is a difference between a hill and a big hill.
  • After dinner we passed into the big drawing room behind the hall. Cited from The Bacillus of Beauty, by Harriet Stark
  • She had left Mary in a deep chair in the big drawing-room. Cited from Mary Gray, by Katharine Tynan
  • It was the same thing, after dinner, in the big living room. Cited from Little Lady of the Big House, by Jack London
  • But a big portion were self-employed or involved in family labour.
  • When the night starts, the big street parties are already at full capacity.
  • The Big Island has the third-highest point among the world's islands.
  • On one side of the room was a big fire place, before which stood a fire screen. Cited from The Exploits of Elaine, Arthur B. Reeve
  • When dinner at last was over, the big living room became the scene of an important family council. Cited from Pearl and Periwinkle, by Anna Graetz
  • The usually large family belonging to the house gathered in this big living-room. Cited from Yule-Tide in Many Lands, by Mary P. Pringle and Clara A. Urann
  • This battle was the biggest and likely the most important battle in Japanese history.
  • They are also much bigger and therefore require much more space to run.
  • The meeting between the two teams is still considered to be the biggest game of the season.
  • But he made a big thing of it.
  • They were alone in the big living-room. Cited from Then I'll Come Back to You, by Larry Evans
  • The company recognized that what had been seen as a secondary product line might be a big business.
  • The big drawing-room of the abbey was full when they arrived. Cited from The Gem Collector, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • You don't need to read the words like they are bigger than life.
  • It was clear that one would soon need a bigger place to be.
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Meaning of big

  • adverb Extremely well
    his performance went over big
  • adverb On a grand scale
    think big
  • adverb In a major way
    the play failed big at the box office